Jasmine Hilliard
Vital statistics
Title Jasmine Hillard
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Teenage Girl
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Status she dates a man of 47 years (unknown) and flirted with Marcus Riggins (but it was only to get the attention of father Rob)

Jasmine Hilliard is the firstborn daughter of Rob Hilliard and his first ex-wife, "The Eater", step-daughter of Gloria Noonan-Hilliard, older half-sister to Amber Hilliard and Bridgett Hilliard and love interest to Greg Fader and Andre McKenzie in Grown Ups.

She has a boyfriend of 47 years and has an interest in older men (all this to fill the absence of father Rob in your life).

Grown Ups Edit

When Rob becomes depressed during this event, lamenting his failed marriages, he later announces his three daughters from the past marriages are coming to visit. Jasmine shows up with her car overheating and breaking down, revealing that her 45-year-old ex-boyfriend lend the car to her, not caring if she crashed somewhere far away. After reuniting with her father, she starts fixing her car, which blows hot steam on her body, much to the amazement of Greg, Andre, Lenny, Eric, Marcus and Kurt. She is soon introduced to her step-mother, Gloria, whom she bonds with and helps her fix the car. After having to deal with Jasmine, Rob goes and hangs out with his friends, who were fishing. When they are at the water park Marcus get Jasmine a bikini that everyone thinks she is hot in. She is then seen with a ice pack on her head saying she hit her head. Rob mistakenly and angerly thinking Marcus banged his daughter by saying that the girl hit her head has a fight with him. Jasmine reveals that she hit her head while Greg was stalking her.

Grown Ups 2 Edit

Through she, sisters Bridgett and Amber, father Rob and stepmother Gloria don't make an return appearance in the film's sequel, they are mentioned numerously by the gang.